• Grain Bag

    Grain Bag

    CPT grain bags provide a low cost storage alternative that maintains grain quality for a period of time that gives growers access to better market conditions .

  • Blown 750mm Wide Green Silage Film

    Blown 750mm Wide Green Silage Film

    The forage quality in a silage bale depends considerably on the quality of the wrapping film. Our silage film is in stable high-quality and can be customized to meet all customers’ requirements.

  • Silver Black Mulch Film

    Silver Black Mulch Film

    Plastic mulches have been used commercially on vegetables since the early 1960s. Three basic mulch types have been used in commercial production: black, clear, and Silver black plastic.

  • Blue Berry Film

    Blue Berry Film

    5-layer coextruded films; PE-EVA-EVA-EVA-MLLDPE in combination with polyethylene types on basis of metallocene and EVA -copolymers.

    Blue berry plants need full sun to grow and fruit well, proper moisture and temperature control.

  • Cannabis Film

    Cannabis Film

    Light converting technology

    Anti-dust effect for continuous higher light transmission.

    Anti-dripping for more light and less humidity.

    High thermal efficiency which limits the heat loss.

  • Diffused Film

    Diffused Film

    It is well accepted that diffused light has a positive effect on plant growth, Light diffusion characteristics greatly improve photosynthesis efficiency by improving light dispersion. Do not affect the total quantity of light that is passing through the film.

  • Micro Bubble Film

    Micro Bubble Film

    Film made with very high EVA content to which is added an expander that creates within the film micro air bubbles that have the ability to spread light and greatly increase the IR barrier both in the entrance and the exit of the greenhouse

  • Overwintering Film

    Overwintering Film

    Overwintering white greenhouse film helps to keep a consistent temperature by reducing hot spots and cold spots typically found in clear nursery greenhouses.

  • Super Clear Film

    Super Clear Film

    The globe light transmission of the film indicates the percentage of light which passes into the greenhouse. Maximal light transmission in the P.A.R range of the spectrum (400-700 nm) is required by the plants to assist in the photosynthesis and other related morphogenetic process.

  • High Temperature Resistant Film

    High Temperature Resistant Film

    CPT developed the high temperature resistant film F1406 series . which designed for pitch transportation. The safe loading temperature can be 120 Celsius degrees , the lab experimental test can reach to limits 150 degrees.

  • Ultra-strength flex tank film

    Ultra-strength flex tank film

    Container and flexitank liners are frequently used as an economical solution for the bulk transport of chemical products, grains, cereals, liquids, granulated products and more.

    CPT can offer you high quality, food approved, polyethylene materials and combine high strength and softness to obtain highest creep resistance which is most critical factor in container liner business.

  • High Quality Bale Net

    High Quality Bale Net

    Plastic Bale Wrap becomes alternative to twine for the wrapping of round hay bales. This soft netting has advantages compared to twine:
    usage of netting improves productivity because it takes less time to wrap a bale. You might save time by more than 50 %. Netting helps you to make better and well – shaped bales , and it’s easier to move and store

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